Kazak Rugs are luxurious rugs, and due to the name resemblance, most of the people do associate this art with Kazakhstan, but it’s not true. Kazak or Kazakh Rugs originated in the Caucasus, and is a type of tribal Rugs. The Kazak Rugs are associated with the geographical areas where they are made but not with any specific or particular Tribe at all. These are hand-made Rugs, or hand-knotted, and are usually knit by the women of the Caucasus Community. Armenians are considered among the first people who started the art of making Oriental rugs. They have been practicing the art of making Rugs from more than 1900 years. These rugs are the highest possible craftsmanship you can expect from the Armenians weavers, because the roots of this art are connected back to the 6th Century BC.