Handcrafted Wooden Console Table


GST Apply on All Decor
Product Code – ST-033
Quantity – 1 Piece
Material – Sheesham wood (Indian Rose Wood)
Size – 122 X 46 CM
Minimum Quantity – 5 Piece
Please note that the size and shade may vary slightly as it is handcrafted wooden product.
Note – To get best current deal (Price) contacts us directly, through whatsapp or email.


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Sheesham wood is also known as Indian Rosewood, it is also an ideal material for decorative carvings and can be easily seasoned for future stability. These are considered part of the uniqueness and charm of the Wooden Bedside Table, its hard nature and close grain that polishes well and finishes to a smooth surface. Rosewood is strong, durable beautiful and long lasting.


In addition to this Rose wood furniture also feels great to the touch. Mostly carved unit made by Rosewood/ Teak Wood. Rosewood is mainly famous for its grains and its double color tone of light and dark yellow/ brown. Rose woods helps to keep your wooden side table from losing its natural luster and retains color over longer periods of time, it also helps to avoid cracks and wrapping.


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