A wooden Chair is a very important thing in the home. The fancy chair is giving a modern look to your home. These fancy chairs are made from premium quality wood & crafted by our skilled craftsman. The wooden table design is vintage style with fully floral and leaf carvings. It has a strong border and beautifully designed legs. We can also put this table inside or outside the house. All items made by the 1st quality of Teak wood, Sheesham wood (Indian Rose Wood) or Mango Tree Wood with fine quality of hand carving. All these items we can make according to customers requirements.

Hand Carved Rocking Chair


GST Apply on All Furniture Items.
Product Code:-  RCH-021
Size:-  109 X 55 CM X 55 CM Approx.
Quantity:-  1 Piece
Material:-  Sheesham Wood
Minimum Order:-  25 Piece
Polish Color:-  Natural Polish Color.
Note:-  To get the best current deal (Price) contacts us directly, through Whatsapp or email.


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The Wooden Rocking / Relaxing Chair is handmade from premium quality Mango Wood.

Hardness: It is considered to be a hardwood. Hardwood is difficult to cut and shape, It is one of the softest hardwoods around making it suitable to be used in wooden furniture like rocking chair.
Grain and Texture: It is grain can be either straight or interlocked/curly and looks great in its natural form though polishing the wood adds to its beauty.
Color: Heartwood or the core of a mango tree wood is usually golden brown though it may also be yellow or have pink and/or black streaks.
High Water Resistance: It is highly water-resistant and great for creating outdoor furniture. Also increase its durability.
Great Designs: Not like other hardwoods, it is quite soft and as such easier to cut and shape. Intricate carving is also possible on mango wood making it suitable for designer or antique look furniture.


WHF promotes to you this state-of-art Handcrafted Wooden Rocking Chair in premium quality Wood. Our Wooden Rocking Chair has beautiful plane plywood at the back and at the sitting area along with beautiful circular ironwork. In our Wooden Rocking Chair, we use the best quality of mango wood.

Each unit is customized to perfection by skilled craftsmen with export good finishing. We provide strive to offer the best value and service possible.



Use a tablecloth or any good quality cloth to wipe it clean.
To protect it from fading, avoid keeping the product near windows where it can be exposed to direct sunlight.
Do not keep warm items directly on a furniture surface.


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